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Daytime face moisturizer Aphrodite is based on the innovative formula consisting of 95% of organic ingredients. That is why the cream Aphrodite is a highly efficient beauty treatment that can be applied for any skin type.

Active elements:

Due to invaluable natural properties a well-balanced combination of organic ingredients provides your skin with visible moisturizing, lifting, stimulating, anti-aging and revitalizing effect. Organic butters help to reduce the wrinkles, strengthen epithelium and protect it from hazardous environmental influence: olive oil, rich in vitamin Е accelerates skin regeneration processes, facilitates skin rejuvenation and activates natural protective properties of the epithelium; argan butter activates tissue blood circulation, stimulates cells regeneration thus providing skin with a healthy look, even skin tone, and natural gloss; avocado butter enriches the olive face cream and helps to revitalize epithelium cellular structure softening and smoothing it and providing its dermal fibers with elasticity.

In addition, this face cream with olive oil is enriched with extract of sophora japonica and its unique properties improve whitening, balancing, cleansing and exfoliating properties of the treatment. Being active natural antioxidants, pomegranate and wild rose provide outstanding whitening, moisturizing, antiaging and protective effect of this daytime cream.

Besides, the combination and interaction of the high-molecular hyaluronic acid and herbal polyphenols provide an immediate lifting effect for your skin: it moisturizes it and stimulates collagen synthesis thus reducing fine wrinkles and restoring face contours sharpness.

Therefore, the synergetic interaction of all the cream ingredients helps to create excellent visible result: no consequences of hyperpigmentation, no skin withering and epithelium deterioration. Instead, it provides your skin with protection from photoaging and shining skin tone.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: argan, avocado, rosehip, immortelle, pomegranate, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, grape juice polyphenols, sophora japonica quercetin dimers.

96% natural


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